MUST READ: Twitter User Uncovers Dirty Secrets About Top Church Leaders In Nigeria


A lot of controversies surrounding spiritual leaders in Nigeria has led to dissension in the church, as people are now pulling the wool from their eyes to see the con being played on them... šŸ˜„

Twitter user @Olumuyiwa__ has brought to our attention some facts about some Nigerian Pastors which the public had probably not noticed or simply not paid attention to. šŸ˜Œ

Personally I'm surprised why anyone would think people who are so focused on acquiring worldly properties are being led by the spirit, but what do I know? šŸ˜ Although, I remember reading the story of the rich man who came to Jesus for advice and Jesus told him point blank to go and give away all his properties to the poor and follow him. I would like to believe he had a reason why he advised a rich man to give up his wealth, maybe just maybe that was an important requirement to be a follower of Christ. A lot of people see Christianity as the solution to poverty or as a pathway to wealth. I would like to inform you that Jesus Christ probably wore one sandals from the day he actively began his ministry, till his death.


By inference, if those who lead us (the pastors), are not meeting the requirements for being followers of Christ, what hope so we, the sheep, have?

I talk too much, let @Olumuyiwa__ show you what he found. Click on below to read the full thread on twitter.


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