Home tech tricks How To Charge Your Mobile Phone Using A Fruit

How To Charge Your Mobile Phone Using A Fruit


​Several online tutorials surprisingly show how to charge a cell phone using acidic fruits (like oranges, lemons, or apples), copper wire, and both zinc and copper nails.


  1. Fruit
  2. Zinc nail
  3. Copper nail
  4. Copper wire
  5. USB cord



To do this, insert one zinc nail and one copper nail into several pieces of fruit so that the nails are close but not touch. 
Next, connect the copper piece of one fruit to the zinc of another using the copper wire to make a circuit.
Then cut open the USB end of your charging cord, connect the wires to the ends of the copper wires in the fruit circuit, and plug in your phone. 
Other ways to do this involve metal plates or coins.
But beware before trying this method; know that it also has the potential to damage your phone, Dubarry said.


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