[SHOCKING]- Tragedy Hits Queens' Hall As Promising Student Passes On


Foreword: #TeamHawnsgist uses this medium to express her heartfelt condolences to the victim's family/friends/and all relations. Thank You!

The Queen Elizabeth II Hall's Freshers' and Finalists Week commenced yesterday 1st May,2017. Then my jealousy grew for the Queenites because I'm sure they are up to an unending fun this week.



For the sake of privacy and future criticism,I'd like to retain the identity of the victim and name her XX. According to my source,the event started around 6:30pm; during that period was dancing and lot more. XX was a good dancer so she wasnt left out. After that,they had a movie night[a nice,horror movie]

Not everybody loves horrific things,so others hung around. It got to a point, the music was stopped and the girls expressed their dissatisfaction[for killing their vibes]

Nonetheless, a group of people were standing around the Porter's lodge [including some of our newly-elected SU Members] then a lady ran with a hell lot of speed to the Porter's lodge and told the people there that XX is lying around the tap,not moving.

  Other sources stipulated that they heard her fall with a loud bang.

People had gathered around her unconscious body,water was poured on her until she regained consciousness. XX refused to be taken to JAJA CLINIC but was forced by an anonymous who carried her to the clinic. On getting to JAJA,She rushed into the emergency room.

Report said that her pulse wasn't found at first, she was administered drip then she improved. She was restless. Within 10 minutes, She was rushed to UCH. Two of her friends followed her(roomie and a bestie)

Another source claimed a pinkish foam emaciated from her mouth and nose[this we have no verification to]

A Source said beforehand that she went outside for about 30minutes to meet some people.[no verification to that also]

It was also reported that XX was restless in the van,moaning!

It is such a painful feeling to myself and others out there[the family]

To the death of XX,I express my heartfelt condolences

XX is a friend to me and will always be.




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