UISU Aspirant – Godsent  Now In The Hospital Due To Car Accident After Manifesto Night!! More Casualties (GRAPHIC PICTURES) 


Image of bus that hit uisu aspirant

Godsent, an aspirant for the post of UISU house secretary has been involve in a ghastly motor accident along AWO/IDIA road. 

As at the moment of the publication of this article, it was reported that he is unconscious. He was rushed to JAJA clinic but has now been transferred to UCH due to the severity of his condition. Other casualties we're involved in the accident, one of them - Dami, bello's hall Chairman. Another was simply identified as Crusher, a ui swimmer. 


Image of blood at accident scene of uisu aspirant acvident

It was reported that Dami's leg was crushed in the accident, caused by an MFM Bus. This incident happened shortly after the manifesto night which took place at the car park beside the Arts Theatre. It is unclear as at now the stability of his condition. More details have been communicated. 

Damzy is awake already but he's having pain in his legs.. Seriously hurt.

Some people checked the bus and they said the break didn't fail and heard them saying the break was still very intact

As regards what they said: they were like maybe the driver was trying to pull some stunt and he has over speed.

Coming from the scene of the accident, a bag containing a laptop and other documents have been found in the bus by the Former PRO (Maximus) and an unknown student.

Speculations suggest that He is the missing driver of the post graduate bus.

According to report: They are all feeling well now. But don't stop your prayer yet. The most tragedy of all, Sultan Bello Hall Chair had a critical fracture on his hind leg (tibia and fibula)
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