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[Hawnsgist]Nurse Switches Nursing Mother's Baby For A Dead Infant – CLASSIC KING SOLOMON RERUN!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I am seeing things!!

So the story of this nurse/midwife came up online early this morning. She and her divorced Father carried out a baby heist that would have confounded King Solomon Himself. The police arrested her, Osin and her father, Jamiu Jimoh after concluding investigations on the case.

Here's what happened....

Osin had helped a woman to deliver her baby, swapping the baby with a dead one(only God knows where she found it) and presenting the dead one to the woman, telling her the baby died in childbirth.

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When she was interrogated by the police, she said:
β€œOn November 9, I was walking along the
road in Oyingbo and found a baby on the ground. It was a female child,
so I took it. That was the mistake I made. I should have gone to report
the police, but because it was a female baby, I liked her. β€œThat was
how I took the baby home to Oyingbo. But when I saw how everyone was
behaving and gossiping, I had to take the baby to my father in Ikorodu.
β€œEven when I could not come to Ikorodu from Oyingbo, my father was there
to take care of her. Not long after I left his place on Sunday, someone
called me on phone at night, saying my father had been arrested. β€œI am a
hairdresser, but I am also a traditional birth attendant. The baby was
not delivered at my place. I was not the one that helped the mother of
the child deliver the baby. β€œBut when the police heard that I was a
traditional birth attendant and asked me if I assisted the baby’s mother
during delivery, I said yes. But I found the baby under the bridge at
Apapa Road in Oyingbo and she has been with me since November.

The Father on the other hand claimed that he had no hand in the matter. He said that Osin was never pregnant and he did not know about the baby. The true mother of the baby who had been moaning her loss all this while was contacted to come for her child. Investigations are currently still ongoing.


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