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[Hawnsgist]You Gats Read Rhis…Lady Begging For S*x

Even if you want to flirt with a man, there are better ways. I don’t
think a man should even be talking the way this lady was talking to
Harrysong, all in a bid for him to sleep with her. Sigh!!

Read what the singer wrote and the messages she’s been sending him below:

“This has been going on for like a month now.. there’s a Lady I
thought was a fan. . She started with all the compliments ,appreciating
my music and brand.. then progressed to saying she’s in love with
me..then progressed to request for s*x..and now she’s even threatening
to kill me if she don’t ve me on her bed..

As you all know am in America currently doing my tour..people around
my estate also sent messages to me now, saying there’s a lady looking
for my house address, desperately saying she will pay anything.. that
she’s in love with me…..


Wat I don’t understand here is, is this still a fan love? The passion
with which this lady is requesting for this my tin ehn.. E dey fear me.
Some of the lady’s messages…



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