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Commotion In Idia As Residents Revolt Against Hall Chair, Ojo Aderemi Carted Off By Abefele

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Queen Idia hall,  University of Ibadan, is currently in a state of unrest as the noise coming from their hall is one of concern. 

The residents of Idia hall reportedly gathered to deal with their Hall Chairman who goes by *Heritage*, most likely for the “extreme” way she acted the night before. 


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Last night,  some Idiaites, about 60 in number were prevented from entering the hall by the Hall Chairman for almost two hours. The Hall chairman who had decreed that the hostel gate would be locked by 10pm refused to open the gate for the Idiaites who couldn’t make it by that time, reportedly shutting out those who even made it by 10:03. 

According to reports, despite pleadings and threats,  Heritage reportedly refused to open the gates and rebuffed pleas by her fellow excos. About 2 hours later, she relented and the tired Idiaites trooped in. 

Tonight, Idiaites are clamoring for her head and word from the vine has it that she was probably beaten. The suspended student Union President,  Ojo Aderemi,  who reportedly climbed the fence into Idia to address the issue has been whisked off by Abefele who later arrived at the scene. 

More updates coming soon…. 

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